Closet Cleanout - New Year, New You

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As I flip through item after item in my closet there is an undeniable truth… it’s boring. I have an LBD for every day of the week. Enough grey sweaters to cloth my 5th grade class and a top in every hue of white for every season (seriously, stark white, natural white, ivory, winter white, champagne, and don’t even get me started on the oatmeal variations!) and then there is that one Crimson Red blouse my best friend insisted I buy, it calls my name often but seldom makes it past the threshold of my downtown loft. Everything I own is either so bold it only gets worn once out of fear it would be remembered and dubbed “a uniform” or so boring it would never be remembered at all. My closet not only lacks color, it lacks whimsy! Every year I develop a theme for the year to help me continue to become the best me possible. In 2014 and 2015 my focus was on becoming a healthier and more active me. While I am still chasing my fitness goals, I have coined 2016 “The Year of Joy”. I’ve decided to start the year off by revamping my closet. That’s right - no more holding on to momentous articles from years past, if the item doesn’t currently bring me joy-- it’s out! With all of this closet purging underway I can easily see where the holes exist and now it’s time for the fun part! I am in the process of selecting not only new staples but the occasional statement piece that embodies my personality and breathes life into my weekend wear! When I stumbled upon this Ruffled Hem Dress it was the perfect replacement for my arsenal of neutral shift dresses. From the feminine blush color to the delicate lace detail and fit this piece was neither neutral nor boring. Feminine enough to twirl around in and feel beautiful on my next date night out yet begging to be paired with suede booties and a basic cardi for mimosas and brunch with the girls! It’s memorable yet adaptable and for a girl on a closet makeover mission, it is exactly what I needed!

Looking to find the New You? Head on over to my blog for a few of my favorite workout tips and clean eating recipes to help you start this New Year off right!

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