Cute Accessory Gifts That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? It feels like we were just basking on the beach in the summer sun! Now it’s time for end-of-the-year sales and wrapping gifts by the tree. Are you prepared with gift ideas for everyone on your list? If not, Magnolia Boutique is here to help!

Accessory gifts are going to be big this year, so Magnolia Boutique has created a holiday cheat sheet of sorts to make it easier than ever to find gifts for everyone on your list. Check out these cute accessories that make great fashion stocking stuffers and gifts for your trendiest friends. It’s never too early to get started so shop our gift roundup today to snag amazing stocking stuffers for friends, family, and loved ones now!

Bring Joy to Their World

We really love stocking stuffers because you can get so creative and have so much fun planning them out. Plus, fashion accessories are perfect gifts for trendy friends that they’ll absolutely adore. Here are some of our favorite accessory gifts that we believe make unique stocking stuffers that will serve as an appetizer to the main gift-giving event!

1. Hats

fleece-lined pom beanie in white

When searching for accessory gifts, you should consider winter hats for sure. Boutique hats are the perfect answer to easy-to-wear style. Simple? Yes. Perfect stocking stuffers? Also, yes!

Whether you want to help that special someone create a chic look with a cute ribbed beanie or a casual look with a fun pom pom style, you can find a hat to match their aesthetic in our specially curated collection. We have solid knitted options, as well as trendy prints that make unique gifts for your trendy friends.

2. Scarves

oversized plaid scarf

Scarves are the accessory you want for completing an outfit that might be missing a little extra warmth and fashion oomph. Whether it’s a hint of color or a bit of added texture, or you just need something to warm you up, blanket and infinity scarves are some of our favorite options.

Like shoes, you can never have too many scarves. That’s what we tell ourselves, at least. Not to mention they’ll fit so nicely in a stocking. Try different folding methods like the cute donut knot and surprise your friends with fashion-forward stocking stuffers.

3. Jewelry

leather inlay leaf dangle earrings

Flashy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are the quickest way to express your vibe, which is why pretty bling is on nearly every girls’ wish list. As an added bonus, trendy fashion jewelry is a great accessory gift because it is small and subtle – fitting in even the smallest stocking.

Perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual, jewelry will be a big hit as gifts for your trendy friends. The recipient can wear these pieces all year long, and they’re sure to be thinking of you every time they do. Whether your loved one is into delicate stackable rings or big statement earrings, you’re sure to find something to fit their aesthetic in our collection.

4. Intimates

sheer layering top from free people

If you’re close enough with your girlfriends to discuss lace bralettes and silicone stick-on bras, these can make amazing accessory gifts for the whole squad! Intimates are the fashion stocking stuffers you choose for people you know really well – like your best friend since the fifth grade.

Don’t just give these out to anyone because they are NOT one-size-fits-all styles. Make sure you really know your friends’ sizes before adding intimates to your list of unique stocking stuffers! For the right friend, a sheer top or a lacy bralette could be exactly what it takes to brighten up their day.

5. Hair Accessories

plaid knotted headband

Remember being a kid and getting excited over fun things for your hair? We still get that way. Trendy hair accessories are awesome accessory gifts because they are something your loved ones might not think to get for themselves, but they’ll really love rocking them.

Scrunchies are so in right now, and they totally give off that laid-back vibe while keeping you looking polished. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can gift the right one to each friend. Alternatively, choose some hair clips or headbands they can wear as they do their makeup, or as a cute detail to hold their bangs back.

6. Sunglasses

square oversized black women’s sunglasses

Eye protection is no joke – even year round! Yeah, so maybe your friends won’t need sunglasses for the beach, but sometimes snow can be blinding and sunglasses are the ideal protection for better vision. We love sunglasses as stocking stuffers because they can be absolutely adorable, chic, and practical.

Specs are a super easy way to achieve a relaxed style, but you should always consider your loved one’s face shape and overall aesthetic before browsing our collection. Explore round, square, and aviator styles to find the perfect shape for any face!

7. Handbags

Okay, so you’ll probably have to stick to small clutches or crossbody styles - or really big stockings - but boutique handbags are fantastic accessory gifts. They’re unique, practical, and adorable. Match the handbag to the outfits or shoes that are already under the Christmas tree for a complete set that will wow your friends and family!

Similar to jewelry, handbags aren’t always dependent on seasons so you can buy an evergreen piece they can wear all year round. We recommend going for a faux leather option that will last for years and never go out of style. If you definitely want to go all out with this stocking stuffer, you might even think to put a brand new tote in there. Now your loved ones can put the rest of their fashion stocking stuffers right in their new bag.

8. Shoes 

steve madden platform boots

Aren’t shoes the best accessory gifts? One can never have too many pairs! And in our not-so-humble opinion, Magnolia shoes are the best ever. There are so many options when it comes to footwear. Which style will make your friend’s heart sing?

If she spends days in the office, we recommend a pair of go-with-anything black strappy heels. If she’s an adventure seeker who’s always on the go, opt for some comfy sneakers. Whether your loved one is into boots, sandals, flats, or something else, we’ve got just the thing to fit in their stocking from some of your favorite brands, like Steve Madden, MIA, and Dolce Vita.

Deck the Halls with Style

At Magnolia Boutique, we want you to shop fashion that inspires you, and then share the inspiration when you wrap these gifts for trendy friends. With orders shipped daily and great customer service, Magnolia Boutique is your one-stop shop for accessory gifts this season. Explore our entire selection to find the right gifts for everyone on your list right now!

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