Cute Jackets and Vests All Women Need This Winter

Our Favorite Cute Winter Jackets

When it comes to looking trendy and staying warm during winter weather, women have so many options to choose from. We can dress up in tights and chic, long-sleeved dresses or keep it cozy in yoga pants and an oversized sweater. But whether your style is lavish, laid back, or something in between, there’s one cold-weather accessory you’ll always need: your cute winter jacket! Here are a few of our favorite styles to add to your winter wardrobe right away.

1. The Biker Jacket

It’s impossible to talk about cute women’s jackets without bringing up the biker look. The classic black moto jacket is a great way to add a little edge to your outfit, whether you’re wearing jeans and your favorite graphic tee or a cute, sassy LBD! Best of all, there are many biker jacket styles to choose from. For example, if you’re looking for something simple, pick up one in standard black leather (or faux leather)—or, if you’re up for a little flair, grab one in striking red or pink!

woman wearing a black cropped puff jacker

2. The Puffy Down Coat

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that cold winters are no joke (looking at you, polar vortex). Your winter fashion should keep you warm first and foremost, which is why we always encourage picking up a down coat! These cute jacket styles are both lightweight and ultra-warm, so you can brave the cold without feeling weighed down and bulky. With our thin long-sleeve and thermal blouse options, you can even layer up without all the extra poofiness! Shop cropped puffy jackets, as well as mid-length silhouettes for the perfect fit.

woman wearing a camel color teddy fleece shacket

3. The Teddy Bear Bomber

Teddy bear coats saw a huge surge in popularity in 2018 and we’re thrilled to see the style carried into the foreseeable future! These fun, fleecy, cute jackets are warm, cozy, and unbelievably comfortable — perfect for wearing on a chilly afternoon out or a relaxing night on the couch in your favorite leggings. Trust us, this is one cute winter jacket you’ll be wearing for years to come!

Want the texture without all the fuzz? We can make that happen too with one of our cute corduroy styles in chic fall and winter colors!

woman wearing a zip up camel sweater vest

4. The Faux Fur Vest

So far, we’ve talked a lot about cute jackets, but jackets aren’t the only outerwear making a splash right now. Cute vests are also in because they’re perfect for layering with unique details and even more sass! We’re in love with this trend because it allows us to add extra layers to our winter looks without adding too much bulk. For example, a faux fur vest can add some glamour to a simple long-sleeved top and jeans (making it a perfect look for date night). Shop sleek sweater vests or fuzzy fur vests at Magnolia Boutique to enhance your wardrobe today!

woman wearing a plaid blazer

5. The Classic Blazer

So many of us have to brave the winter cold on a daily basis for work. But don’t be bummed; this is the perfect time to give your work wardrobe a little boost! Instead of a cute jacket, consider a classic blazer in a thicker fabric, like wool or tweed. These styles make a great choice for a cute winter jacket to keep you nice and toasty — not to mention fashionable — during your commute. Find blazers in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns in our collection and effortlessly transition between bright burgundy gem tones, brown plaids, and ivory tweed at a moment’s notice!

Find Your Winter Styles!

This winter, remember to up your fashion game with one of these cute jackets! And keep in mind that whether you’re looking for a long, luxurious coat or a short, sassy vest, you can always find the hottest new fashions right here at Magnolia Boutique! Enhance your winter wardrobe with fashion-forward trends that will keep you looking stylish for years to come when you shop our collections today. 

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