Cute Summer Accessories to Pair with Your Warm-Weather Ensemble

When the weather warms up, most of us start paring down our wardrobes. We swap out shoes for sandals, pack away our sweaters, and try to wear as little as possible (which we get — it’s hot out there!). But even as you reach for tank tops and short sundresses, there are a few fashion pieces you can’t go without in the summer: your cute summer accessories! Here are a few of our favorites for the warm weather.

Chic Sunnies

black round sunglasses

Black Round Sunglasses ($19)

First things first: sunglasses are an absolute necessity for any summer wardrobe. There are two reasons for this — they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and they make you look super cool! Have you ever seen someone who didn’t look like a rockstar when wearing their sunnies? We didn’t think so!

Of course, you can choose different sunglasses to show off different sides of your fashion sense. Feeling old-school feminine? Go for a cat eye style for a summer accessory for women with some vintage flair. Want to channel your inner boho babe? Grab some round lenses like Janis or John! 

Beachy Tote Bags

tan straw-braided hat holder tote bag

Tan Straw Braided Hat Holder Tote Bag ($48)

During the summer, we try to spend lots of time outdoors. All-day beach trips, al fresco brunches, afternoon hikes — it’s all a chance to soak up the sun! However, if you’re gonna spend all day outside, you’ll need to carry more than just your phone and some lipstick…and that means you need a bag big enough to carry everything.

Ditch your classic clutch or small crossbody bag for a season (don’t worry, you can have them back in the fall). Instead, toss your essentials in a trendy summer accessory for women like an oversized tote or bucket bag! This cute summer accessory will have plenty of space for all your stuff and it’ll look great with any outfit.

Delicate Jewelry

Woman wearing gold necklace with heart pendant

Gold Necklace Set With Heart & Star Pendant ($18)

Cute summer accessories are the key to making any outfit look amazing. But do you know what’s not cute? Weird tan lines from oversized jewelry! When the weather heats up, it’s best to set your statement jewelry aside and opt for simple, more delicate options. 

Look for jewelry that is small and dainty, like a small pendant necklace or a cute anklet. These pieces will add some sparkle to your summer look without being too much (and they’ll move easily if you decide to get a little sun).

Cute Hair Accessories

amber checkered hair clip

Amber Checkered Hair Clip ($8)

What’s one summer accessory no woman can go without? Hair clips — and LOTS OF THEM! After all, it can get pretty hot on a summer afternoon. If you don’t have something to pull back your tresses, you might end up feeling too warm to enjoy yourself.

Transform your hair accessories from a summer essential to a fashion statement! An amber checkered or tortoiseshell checkered hair clip can give even the simplest hairstyle a little more personality, which can help you express yourself even more.

This summer, make sure to round out your wardrobe with these cute summer accessories to make all the difference in your style. Also, make sure to share your OOTD using #shopmagnolia! 

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