How To: Style Hats

When will hats ever go out of fashion? The answer is never!

No matter the season, or year, you can always throw on a hat and know you’ll be on trend. Are you wearing a hat to accessorize or cover up your day-three-since-last-shampooed hair? What ever the reason may be, hats are always a yes!

We are crazy for hats here at Magnolia. With our wide selection of beanies, floppy hats,and baseball caps, we have something everyone can love. You say you cant pull off hats? Well that’s nonsense! Everyone can, especially with out help!

Here is our How To guide for styling hats this season!



We are absolutely in love with beanies right now. (Hint – we have 11 different ones!)

They are so warm and cozy and with the fun color options, 

you can basically find one for any outfit. In these styles we kept them very casual and cozy. 

Easy to throw on to run errands or grab lunch with your friends.

Magnolia Boutique cute winter outfit with red vest

Outfit details: Confetti Pom BeaniePoppy Cargo VestBlack Basic TeeMedium Wash Skinny JeansBlack Booties


winter outfit with mauve vest

Outfit details: Black BeaniePink Quilted VestStriped Piko TopDark Wash Skinny Jeans











Floppy Hat

The floppy hat trend has been among us for a while now with it 

starting with those huge sun hats to wear on the beach, and wow do we love where it has taken us! 

Our faux suede floppy hats are a perfect way to accessorize any outfit to wear in the 

fall/winter for day or night looks. 

floppy hat with green dress

Outfit details: Floppy HatFloral Keyhole Back DressBlack Booties



denim top outfit idea

Outfit Details: Floppy HatFloral Denim TopDistressed Black Skinny JeansBlack Booties









Baseball Hats

Stay cute and casual with baseball caps this fall and winter! 

We love them because they pair so well with cozy cardigans and tunics. 

Even the caps with sports logos on them can make for a great outfit. We have a plain navy blue cap 

that is so simple and then a camo cap that we are loving! They both take those Saturday 

afternoon outfits to the next level. 


cardigan, top, and bottom

Outfit details: Navy Baseball HatGrey CardiganWhite Tie Front TeeDark Wash Skinny Jeans



casual fall outfit idea

Outfit details: Camo Baseball HatPocket TunicDark Wash Skinny JeansBlack Booties


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