Magnolia Boutique's Guide to Fall 2019 Clothing Trends

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We’re obsessed with fall. The chilly weather, the falling leaves, the start of the Holiday season (starting with our fave, Halloween) — there is seriously nothing better! But of course, the very best part of this time of year is seeing all the gorgeous fall boutique clothing that pops up in our favorite stores...and Magnolia Boutique is no exception!

We’ve stocked our store with a ton of new pieces that show off our favorite fall 2019 clothing trends. Whether you’re looking for a cozy sweater for a night in with Netflix or a cute outfit for a day of apple picking, these  fall fashion trends will have you looking super chic all season long.

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Cuts, Colors, and Prints

Square Necklines

square neck smocked top

Square Neck Smocked Patchwork Top - Berry Multi ($44)

Spring and summer 2019 saw the rise of the “milkmaid blouse,” a cute cut with a square neckline reminiscent of old-fashioned farm-girl costumes. And it appears that this trend still has legs, as milkmaid tops are going strong this autumn. In fact, this particular style is popping up on everything from chunky  boutique sweaters to midi dresses!

Lucky for our fellow fashionistas, this is one fall 2019 clothing trend that’s easy to incorporate into your closet. Whether you wear a peasant blouse with long, flowy sleeves or a chic, satiny dress, this neckline is sure to have you looking elegant, classy, and totally on-trend.

Jewel Tones

waffle sweater

Fall for You Waffle Sweater - Golden Camel ($39)

Autumn has always had a particular color palette — brown, green, and burnt orange. But while last fall was all about earth tones and neutral shades, the clothing trends for fall 2019 have taken a sharp left into colorful territory. This year, designers like Max Mara filled fall fashion week runways with bold, beautiful shades of teal, yellow, and blue.

Consider pairing your favorite jeans or fleece-lined leggings with a bright, jewel-toned top. Dress up your favorite LBD with a bold and colorful coat. Or, if you really want to take this trend to the next level, wear your favorite jewel tone from head to toe! A colorful-yet-monochromatic look is a great way to show off your trendy fashion sense and make sure all eyes are on you.

Pretty in Plaid

purple plaid top

Button Down Twisted Hem Plaid Top - Purple ($44)

Plaid has been a fall staple for as long as we can remember. However, there’s one very good reason that this trend keeps coming back: it’s just so cute! Plaid is also versatile — with the right accessories, you can give your plaid ensemble a sweet country look, a punk rock edge, or a preppy vibe. It’s really up to you!

If you want to go for the classic autumn look this season, consider pairing some casual jeans with a plaid button down and your favorite  knee-high boots. This look is casual enough for a day at the pumpkin patch, but you can also dress it up with a few sparkly accessories for a perfect date night look.

Lots of Spots

mauve dotted peplum blouse

Surplice Ruffle Dotted Peplum Blouse - Mauve ($54)

Plaid may be the premier fall print, but there’s another pattern out there coming for the crown. Spots of all sorts have been… well, “spotted” in many designers’ fall collections — and frankly, we are here for it! Spots have such a fun, youthful energy, and when you wear them, that playful feeling can’t help but rub off on you.

Whether you’re into leopard spots, polka dots, or something slightly in-between, make sure that you incorporate this fall 2019 clothing trend into your wardrobe. Pair a polka-dot blouse with your favorite trousers or  skirt for a cute look you can wear to the office or out on a weekend, or pair your basic jeans and a tee with an animal-print accessory.


Sadie & Sage snakeskin dress

Sadie & Sage High Street Snakeskin Dress - Ash ($70)

Speaking of animal prints, there’s one more pattern that’s having a moment: snakeskin. And when we say “having a moment,” we mean it — according to the Huffington Post, searches for “snake print” have increased 650% in the past six months! This is clearly one fall 2019 clothing trend that has slithered its way into everyone’s hearts.

If you want to add a little snakeskin into your look, try finding a top or  dress that uses the print in a neutral color. This will make it easier to build your look around this pattern while letting it be the focal point. Or, if you’re not willing to go all-in on the snakeskin, consider adding a few subtle touches of this print — carry a snakeskin-print handbag, or wear a dress with snakeskin details.

Lovely Lace

black lace bralette bodysuit

Ariana Lace Bralette Bodysuit - Black ($39)

When people think of fall styles, most of us think of thick, hardy materials like cable knit and flannel. After all, we need to keep warm in those chilly autumn breezes! However, this year fashionistas everywhere will be trying something a little different in their fall wardrobe: a few lace pieces along with all the warm and fuzzy stuff.

One great way to try this fall 2019 clothing trend is by adding lace pieces to a layered look. Wear a lace bodysuit under your favorite  boho jacket — or, if you’re afraid of getting too chilly, opt for a top with only a hint of lace detailing. These pieces will keep you warm during the autumn months while still keeping your look on-trend.

Our Favorite Fall Outerwear

Classy Capes

woman wearing a cape coat

These days, it seems like everybody wants to be a superhero. Hero movies dominate the box office, superhero costumes are all the rage at Halloween, and everyone has taken at least one Internet quiz to find out which Avenger they’re most like (admit it, you have). Even the fashion world is hopping on the superhero trend — in their own way, of course.

Capes have become a prominent clothing trend for fall 2019, with designers like Burberry, Céline, and many more showcasing their stylish take on a superhero staple. So if you want to be fashion-forward this fall (and feel like Superwoman in the process), think about swapping out your standard trench coat or jean jacket in favor of these caped coats.

Cozy Coats

Sadie Sage teddy jacket

Sadie & Sage Too Much Teddy Jacket - Ivory/Camel/Black ($89)

Outerwear is an essential part of any girl’s cold-weather wardrobe, which is why coats and jackets are a big part of the fall 2019 clothing trends. This year, it’s all about feeling cozy in your coat; tons of designers have incorporated warm looks like fuzzy fur (and faux fur) coats, lightweight puffer parkas, and shearling denim jackets into their fall collections.

The best part about this season’s outerwear is its versatility. All the pieces we just mentioned can look great with a sweater dress, jeans and a  tee, or even your favorite pair of leggings and a flannel pullover! This year, consider adding a cute sherpa jacket or a fuzzy teddy coat to your wardrobe. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Accessories and More

Blanket Scarves

plaid blanket scarf in brink, yellow, and orange

Plaid Blanket Scarf - Brick/Yellow/Orange ($22)

At Magnolia Boutique, we have always been fans of the big, chunky scarf. It keeps you warm, it’s great for layering, and it can add a fun pattern or pop of color to your look! This season, blanket scarves are in, and we’re living for them.

These  boutique scarves are not only cute, they’re also comfortable and versatile. Pick up a blanket scarf in a trendy plaid pattern, and see how easy it is to find several matching tops! Make it the focal point of your outfit and wear it opened up for maximum warmth. Roll it up for a more put-together look, or even drape it over your shoulders. The options are endless when you have a great blanket scarf (or two) in your wardrobe.

Western-Inspired Fashion

rust wide brim hat

Wide Brim Hat - Rust ($38)

The western aesthetic is everywhere these days, from wide-brimmed  boutique hats to leather booties and everything in between. It seems like everyone is trying out the “urban cowgirl” look, and that means there is a lot of southwestern styles for you to play around with this fall.

How do you master this fall 2019 clothing trend? Simple: just add some western details to your boho wardrobe! A fringed kimono and flared jeans will look great with a new western-style hat. You can even add a few crystal  jewelry pieces to add a final finishing touch. Just like that, you’ll be ready to turn the wild west into your own personal runway!

This fall, make sure your wardrobe is as stylish and spectacular as you are! Magnolia Boutique is always here to bring you the best and most trendy outfits you’ll find online — and we’re happy to help you find a look you’ll love! If you have any questions for us, feel free to  click here and send us a message. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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