Meet The Models!

These girls are more than just models with a pretty face and great AMAZING hair.

red lace blouse


Meet Britney! She's our bubbly and hilarious model.

There's never a dull photo shoot with her!

Height: 5'6"

Size: Small

Occupation: Indiana Pacemate :)

Favorite Color: periwinkle

Favorite Movie: The Proposal

Favorite Dessert: anything chocolate ;) 

Beauty Tip/Secret: I curl my hair starting towards the scalp instead of starting at the bottom.


Julie Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt With Hood - Red/Navy/Grey - Magnolia Boutique

Meet Gracie! She's our boy-crazy, stunning brunette that can 
"smize" better than Tyra Banks ever
imagined was possible.



Height: 5'6"

Size: Small

Occupation: Student at DePauw University

Favorite Color: Tiffany Blue

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite Dessert: pizookie cookie from BJ's Brewhouse

Beauty Tip/Secret: If you want a healthy summer glow, place highlighter in a "c" shape from temple to cheekbone, bridge of the nose, and bow of the lip to add fullness - when it comes to makeup, less it more. :) :)


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