New Year Fitness Resolutions + At Home Workout With Mykal Bailey

The Magnolia Athletic Collection officially launched!! The most perfect time to launch with all the New Year resolutions. Every year my resolution is to be healthier and more active than the year before. Healthier food options, more water and focus on what makes me happy! If I cant make it to the gym I am going to be working out at home! Now home workouts aren't always easy but when you have a routine or something to follow along it makes everything better! I have put together some of my favorite workouts to create a mini at home workout video for you to follow along! These workouts help me stay in shape for our photoshoots and keeps me motivated throughout the week! I normally workout at the gym but with my schedule that isn't always ideal.

If you don't workout often then I recommend starting out with lower reps, then next time try for more! Don’t ever get discouraged! The first time I try someones workout I am exhausted and my muscles usually end up shaking a little bit! Follow along and take your time, you will eventually see a difference not only in your body but feel more energized and motivated for your week!



1. Find your motivation!

2. Create not only long term goals but short term goals as well!

3. Stay positive, stay committed and make healthy happen!

4. Get involved! Take a class or get a workout partner!

5. Create time. If that means waking up 15 minutes early to get a mini workout in then do it!

6. Clean eating. If you need help, Pinterest is every girls best friend.



When I am working out I want to feel comfortable in the clothes I am in… by that I mean I want to workout in high quality clothes that are durable for my workouts and I want to feel good. I feel more confident in the gym or working out at home or even wearing the new athletic collection grocery shopping when I know I can trust my clothes! The  high waisted leggings are my absolute favorite. They are so flattering for any figure and so comfortable... and even squat proof! The sports bras are not only cute but also supportive and comfortable.  The Magnolia Athletic Collection  has great workout tanks, tees and jackets to throw on!

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XOXO, Mykal Bailey 

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