Thanksgiving Style Guide

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Thanksgiving is so close, and that means so much prep work needs to be done!

Not only with the food and decorations, but also with your outfit. Thanksgiving is the one day you

can either go all out with a fancy dress, or stay in your leggings and be ready for a nap by 2pm.

Whichever your style usually is, it needs to be cute! Magnolia has so

many trendy sweaters, dresses, and accessories that will be perfect for whatever look

you are going for. We have some serious outfit inspo that will give you all of the heart eyes! 

1. Cute and Casual

red dress and scarf

Do you like to eat until you're at your max? 

Then a soft, flowy, dress is for you! They will hide the 

biggest of food babies, and are just so cute. Being 

comfortable is key in any outfit you wear, but no other 

time is more important than thanksgiving day! This maroon bell sleeve 

dress will pair perfectly with a cozy blanket scarf or necklace 

and for shoes either boots or booties will work!

2. Warm and Cozy

off the shoulder orange sweater

Oversized and warm are exactly how sweaters 

should be... especially on Thanksgiving day. Our off-the-shoulder 

sweater in harvest pumpkin is too perfect. The flirty shoulder showing,

the color, and how cozy it is makes it a triple threat! 

Once you're done eating your third plate of food, this sweater will 

keep you warm for the two hour nap ahead of you! It goes so well 

with either leggings and tall boots, or ripped jeans and 

some cool booties or mules!

3. Trendy and Comfy

girl wearing jeans and scarf

Blanket scarves are great because they can be worn 

in so many different ways! In this look, we used a blanket 

scarf as a poncho (or blanket whichever way you look at it) to create

a casual outfit with some flare. We have so many different 

blanket scarves and plain tshirts that you can mix and match and 

make it your own. Since the scarf is the main event in this

look, keeping the bottoms and jewelry simple is key!

4. Classic and Fancy

bell sleeved shirt

For the dressier Thanksgivings, sweaters are still a must! 

This sweater has the most adorable ruffle sleeves that everyone 

needs in their closet and the light taupe color will help you stand out 

from the rest of the crowd, which is always a plus! Pair it with a pretty

statement necklace, nice jeans, and some black booties and you're set 

for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. 

We hope you found some inspiration for this year's Thanksgiving outfit. 

Shop the site for these pieces and more to find the most perfect 

outfit for this holiday and every occasion in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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