Top 10 Must Have Sweaters

There is no better time of year than when it finally gets to sweater weather. The time where you can wear as many layers as you want without having to worry about un-wanted sweating and the time of year where the biggest, coziest sweaters are typically the trendiest. At Magnolia, we are CRAZY over sweaters right now! So many different styles that its hard to pick our favorites.... Somehow we did. It's filled with all your cozy needs to get you through this season. (Hint: a lot of these styles have other colors too)

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1. Cozy V-Neck Sweater

girl in light blue sweater

2. Eyelash Tunic Sweater

light brown sweater with jeans

3. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

girl in pink sweater and jeans

4. Open Sleeve V-neck Sweater

girl in white sweater

5. Cozy Knit Pocket Tunic

grey long sleeve shirt

6. Off The Shoulder Sweater

blue sweater and boots

7. Cable Knit Sweatshirt Detail Sweater

girl wearing tan and grey sweater

8. Marbled Off The Shoulder Sweater

grey off the shoulder sweater

9. Light Weight Piko Sweater

faded sweater and jeans

10. Knot Back Sweater

pink open back sweater

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