Trendy Boho Fall Clothing We Love

person in fall clothing holding colorful leaves

The leaves are starting to change color. There’s a distinctive chill in the air. Your favorite coffee shop has pumpkin-flavored drinks on the menu. That’s right, fall is finally upon us once again, and that means it’s time to open our closets and bust out all our favorite boho fall clothing.

Here at Magnolia Boutique, we have an amazing selection of trendy fall boutique clothing that will have even the most stubborn summer girls feeling the spirit of the season. With these looks in your wardrobe, you’ll look (and feel) amazing from September through to Christmas time!

Moody Maxis

black button down satin maxi dress

Lace Detail Button Down Satin Maxi - Black ($49)

Every girl loves a good  maxi dress. They’re cute, they can easily be dressed up or down, and they’re very comfortable. We spend most of our summers in maxi dresses — and frankly, we wouldn’t mind wearing maxis all year long. Well now, thanks to the latest boho fall clothing, we can! This year, maxis are sticking around for the fall season.

However, these fall maxis are not the same as your summertime dresses. What’s different? The colors. While spring and summer maxis are about feminine florals and vibrant shades, the maxis we see in this year’s trendy fall clothing have moodier, darker color palettes. Jewel tones like burgundy are popular, as well as earthy hues like burnt orange, brown, or black.

This fall, trade in all your spring and summer maxi dresses for a look that better suits the world around you. Get inspired by the fall colors with a maxi covered in shades of orange, brown, and navy (like this fall floral dress), or keep it simple in a long black dress.

Dark Denim

Everly turtleneck sweater

Everly Brushed Turtleneck Sweater - Heather Grey  ($36)

The dark colors of fall don’t just apply to your dress patterns. This season, it’s time to pack away your light-washed jeans and opt for something a little richer. Dark-washed  denim is a more common fixture of trendy fall clothing, and it’s a must-have for any woman’s autumn attire. Dark jeans will look great with blouses, pullover sweaters, plaid button-downs, or any other fall-inspired tops.

Of course, if you want your denim look to be specifically boho, you’ll want to find a pair of jeans in one of the  trending styles for boho fall clothing. Consider pairing your favorite sweater or long-sleeved blouse with a pair of dark flared jeans for a look that is classically bohemian, and yet totally timeless.

Warm Jackets

faded denim jacket

Sweet South Faded Denim Jacket - Medium Wash  ($54)

Fall often marks the beginning of a months-long temperature drop, so it’s no surprise that  cute jackets and vests are a timeless seasonal trend. You have to wear a coat to keep warm — but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense!

You can keep yourself warm this season (and make sure your outfit is still totally adorable) with trendy fall clothing, including outerwear pieces. Channel your inner CEO with a classy plaid coat, or keep it casual with super soft cargo jacket. And, when the weather gets especially chilly, you can bundle up in a sherpa-lined vest that will have everyone around you feeling more than a little jealous.

You might be wondering, “What should I wear if it’s not that cold?” Well, girl, we hear you; the occasional warm fall day calls for a totally different style of coat. We suggest reaching for a beautiful, flowy duster. This boho fall clothing staple will be light enough for a warm day, but still very much in the seasonal spirit.

Cozy Sweaters

lock sweater

Love Potion Colorblock Sweater - Navy Multi  ($49)

We can’t talk about trendy fall clothing without talking about  boutique sweaters. Cozy, oversized sweaters have been an enduring fall fashion for years now, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Of course, we don’t mind — pulling on a soft sweater on a crisp fall day is one of the best feelings ever!

There are two prominent sweater styles you’ll see this year. The first is the  pullover sweater, a classic look that you can wear with just about anything. A sweater, jeans, and booties make for a perfect office look, white a sweater, skirt, and tall boots will wow your special someone on date night! There’s no doubt that you’ll want a few chic sweaters this fall.

The other kind of sweater you see as part of every boho fall clothing collection is the cardigan. This piece is looser fitting and often designed to be left open, so it’s a better choice for early fall (before the weather gets too cold). This is a great, versatile piece that can look amazing over maxi dresses, jeans and a tee, or your favorite romper.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

burgundy wide brimmed hat

Wide Brim Hat - Burgundy/Black ($20)

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the clothing items that make a fashionable fall outfit. But every true fashion lover knows that clothing is only part of the equation. Your  accessories are just as important as your top, pants, or dress, and fall fashion is no exception to this rule. There are lots of autumn accessories that we love — infinity scarves, minimalist gold jewelry, belts that cinch your waist in those oversized coats — but there’s one accessory we want to single out this year: the wide-brimmed hat.

A hat can add that little something extra to your outfit, taking your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Try a neutral straw hat for a fashion-forward, yet rustic look (the perfect vibe for boho fall clothing), or be bold with a hat that provides you a little pop of color! No matter what you’re wearing, a cute hat will always earn you quite a few compliments.

If you’re a boho beauty looking to add trendy fall clothing to your wardrobe (or a fashion lover looking for a chic new style), Magnolia is the perfect  fashion boutique for you! Don’t let this season go by without taking the chance to upgrade your fall wardrobe — check out the new fall collection today!

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