Unique Ways to Style Trendy Graphic Tees

women in a tied graphic tee

When it comes to popularity, the fashion world is pretty fast-paced and cutthroat. One minute, a style or piece of clothing can be the trendiest thing in town—and the next minute no one would be caught dead wearing it. But of all the styles that have come and gone (and come back again), nothing has had as much staying power as the cute graphic tee.

This simple top has endured through decades of fleeting fashion trends for one simple reason: versatility. Seriously, you can wear trendy graphic tees for almost every occasion! Don’t believe us? Here are some tips to help you learn how to style a graphic tee for any look.

graphic tee under a jacket

For the Office

Wearing a trendy graphic tee to work might have been a major faux pas a few decades ago, but these days, it’s actually the ideal way for those in more laid-back or creative positions to express themselves at work! A graphic tee is an easy way to add a little edge to your standard office wardrobe.

Learning how to style a graphic tee for the office is all about understanding which pieces to wear with it. Some plain black trousers or dark wash  jeans and an oversized blazer can dress up your overall look without taking too much attention from your tee. Simply tuck your top in, pair it with some heels or dressier shoes and some light accessories (bracelets and earrings only—don’t block the graphic), and you’re good to clock in for the day!

band tee and leather leggings

For Date Night

If you want a date night look that’s cute, classy, and casual, you can’t go wrong with a trendy graphic tee! Not only will this look show your date a little bit about your personal style (and, depending on the tee, your favorite band or show), it will be suited to any kind of outing, from an upscale dinner or a casual night at the movies.

How should you style your graphic tee for date night? Well, you have two options:

First, go for the standard tee and skinny jeans or leggings ensemble. With a cute pair of pumps (maybe in a color that matches the graphic) and a few simple accessories, you’ll have the perfect look!

Or, if you want to do something dressier, tuck your tee into a  flowy maxi skirt (or tie it at the front or to the side for a flirty touch) and pair it with some cute wedges or flats.

graphic tee, skinny jeans, and heels

For an Afternoon Out

The trendy graphic tee is right at home with most casual looks—backyard barbeques, trips to the lake, your nephew’s soccer game—but if you want your look to really wow the crowd, you can’t just throw on your tee and go. The trick to mastering the casual look is knowing how to style your graphic tee.

For example, tie a knot in your tee and add  boutique shorts for a totally laid-back summer festival or beach look. For an oversized t-shirt, tuck it into your shorts as a way of highlighting your waist. If your shorts are patterned, look for a tee that includes similar colors (this is also an easy way to mix prints).

Alternatively, choose a cropped or shorter tee to go with your favorite  high-waisted jeans. You can also opt to tuck the shirt into your denim so you can add a cute belt!

With these tips, you can easily make trendy graphic tees an everyday part of your wardrobe. Show off your personality, taste in music, or current mood no matter what the day holds!

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